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Patient data in a digital world: Navigating the challenges

Enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and reduced physical footprint are all benefits of patient data in a digital world. Healthcare providers have moved away from paper to paperless operations for storage, administration, and communications.

However, like any advancement, it comes with its pitfalls and challenges. Having secure storage and sharing data securely are the main issues. It is essential to have robust processes in place to limit the number of people that can access patient data and that this is strictly kept to a ‘need to know’ basis. Engaging in informal discussions about cases over platforms such as WhatsApp can jeopardise data integrity, as valuable insights may not be documented for future reference or transparent decision-making. The way data is shared can increase the risk of a data breach, for example, a referral letter could easily be sent to the wrong recipient via email by selecting from a list of frequent addresses or attaching the wrong file to the message.

To address these challenges and to comply with data security standards, we recommend that you implement the following measures:

  1. Store records in encrypted folders and on devices protected by strong, complex passwords, comprising at least 16 characters, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special symbols.
  2. Minimise the risk of unauthorised access by ensuring all devices are logged out when unattended.
  3. Provide comprehensive training to all staff members to enhance their understanding of both the opportunities and risks associated with potential data breaches.
  4. Keep data privacy notices current and regularly review them, particularly when introducing new systems or technologies.
  5. Remove personal identifying information when sharing data, when practical, to mitigate privacy risks.

We can also help you navigate the complexities of managing patient data in a digital landscape, safeguarding both patient confidentiality and the integrity of your healthcare delivery.

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